BookXpress by SMO Bookstores (MOBILE BOOKSTORE)

Who are we?


BookXpress is a modified lorry into a mobile book store, equipped with bookcase and sales terminal equipment.

The mobile book store is the current trend of selling books. SMO Bookstores takes the initiative to launch BookXpress to make it easier for people to get quality reading materials as well as to increase readability among the public.

BookXpress can meet the needs of readers because the books are brought to suit the needs of the event, audience readers and ages.

BookXpreess, which commenced operations on April 16, 2017, will focus around the school area, institutions of higher learning, exhibit sites and carnivals based on the booking schedule.


Do you want BookXPress to your location? If so, please:


1) Contact hot line 1-300-88-0808

2) Email a description to

3) Send message to inbox facebook











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